Can I get a Texas real estate license with a criminal record?

Can you get a real estate license in Texas with a criminal record?

So yes, you might be able to get a real estate license even if you have a criminal record. If you present enough evidence that proves your honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity, you can convince TREC that you would be a respectable agent.

How far back does a real estate background check go in Texas?

When it comes to most background checks in Texas, you can expect it to cover the last seven years of your criminal history. However, there are exceptions to this rule of thumb.

Can a felon buy a house in Texas?

You can get a home loan despite having a felony. Having a felony conviction on your record can impact your life in many ways. … Most banks do not run criminal record checks before approving loans, and they are unlikely to deny you if you have good credit even if they are aware of your history.

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Can you get a Texas real estate license with a DUI?

To work in real estate, you will have to earn your real estate license from the Texas Real Estate Commission. … A DWI conviction won’t just put your freedom at risk, but it can also put your real estate license and thereby your livelihood at risk.

Can you get real estate license with felony?

For someone who has had a rough background or a felony conviction, getting a real estate license can be challenging — but it’s not impossible. The rules will obviously vary from state to state, but with adherence to some basic requirements, you can indeed pursue a career as a real estate agent.

What is the 7-year rule in Texas?

The basic rule for criminal background checks in Texas is an employer using a credit reporting agency may go back seven years in a criminal background check. However, there are several exceptions to this rule. Under Texas law, most applicants cut off at a seven year check unless the salary exceeds $75,000.

Can you get a Texas real estate license with a misdemeanor?

Oldmixon said Texas law requires TREC to look at how relevant and recent was the crime. You can get a real estate license with minor misdemeanors on your record. If you already have a license, it takes a felony for the state to even consider revoking it. “The process is solid,” Oldmixon said.

Is a felony for life?

A felony conviction will generally remain on a person’s criminal record for life. Typically, the only way to remove it is to have it expunged. This process can seal the conviction from public view. Each state has its own expungement rules.

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Can you get a real estate license with a criminal record?

In most states, those with a criminal record are able to get a real estate license. Each state has different policies, but there are very few states that limit people from getting a license indefinitely due to a criminal record.

How long does a felony stay on your record in Texas?

Felony, three years from the date of your arrest.

How far back does trec go?

Residential information going back 7-10 years. Felony, misdemeanor, and sex crime convictions from a certain period. Court records and arrests, including decrees, docket numbers, judgements, and orders.

How do you get your record expunged in Texas?

If qualified, you can petition the court for expunction (often called expungement) as provided for in Section 55 of Texas Law on Criminal Procedure. You can do it yourself by completing and filing a petition before the court and wait for the pronouncement of the Judge.

What is the Triple A method in real estate?

If a dispute arises, the courts will apply the three tests—annexation, adaptation, and intention.