What does short fuse mean in real estate?

A short definition of Short Fuse Mortgage: A slang term describing a short term note and mortgage calling for a balloon payment.

What does short fuse mean?

Definition of short fuse

: a tendency to get angry easily : a quick temper … was seen as the bad guy, the one whose short fuse was scary, destructive and uncontrollable.— Rick Telander.

What is an example of a short fuse?


She is rather a nice and calm person, but whenever her ex-husband calls her, she finds she is on a short fuse. Don’t make him angry! He has got a short fuse!

How do you deal with a short fuse?

Here’s how to do just that:

  1. Step 1: Treat the symptom.
  2. Do no harm. One of the biggest fallouts of a short fuse is the lasting damage it can do to anyone within striking distance. …
  3. Make a connection. …
  4. Step 2: Treat the cause.
  5. Make time to slow down. …
  6. Take small losses in stride. …
  7. Be in three places at once.
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What does the phrase on a short fuse mean as used in paragraph 8 *?

What does the phrase “on a short fuse” mean as used in paragraph 8? hard to please. hard to find.

Do I have a short fuse?

If you say that someone has a short fuse or is on a short fuse you mean that they are quick to react angrily when something goes wrong. I have a very short fuse and a violent temper.

Why does a person have a short fuse?

Why your fuse is so short, and how you can be more in control of yourself. There may be physical reasons for your volatile mood – such as blood-sugar, thyroid or hormonal imbalances, food intolerances, toxins, tiredness or high levels of stress hormones.

What is a synonym for short fuse?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for short fuse, like: irascibleness, spleen, temper, tetchiness, dander, low boiling point, feelings, irascibility and temperament.

What do you call a person that gets angry easily?

1. Irritable, testy, touchy, irascible are adjectives meaning easily upset, offended, or angered. Irritable means easily annoyed or bothered, and it implies cross and snappish behavior: an irritable clerk, rude and hostile; Impatient and irritable, he was constantly complaining.

How do you overcome short Temperedness?


  1. Think before you speak. In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to say something you’ll later regret. …
  2. Once you’re calm, express your anger. …
  3. Get some exercise. …
  4. Take a timeout. …
  5. Identify possible solutions. …
  6. Stick with ‘I’ statements. …
  7. Don’t hold a grudge. …
  8. Use humor to release tension.
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How do I deal with a short tempered girlfriend?

Don t do things she doesn t like when she has temper issues. Put your shoes in the right place, don t switch on the TV or don t tell her you ll call her later. Step back once in a while and apologize if need be so that she calms down. Short tempered girls aren t unreasonable.

What does long fuse mean?

long fuse definition, long fuse meaning | English dictionary

15 unlikely to win, happen, succeed, etc. a long chance.

What does the phrase woman with the most statues in her honor mean?

In paragraph 4, what does the phrase “woman with the most statues in her honor” show about Sacagawea? A. that she was a charming person. … We’re cousins of the Shoshone woman with the baby on her back who explored America by canoe, horseback, and on foot to map it for the first time.

What does it mean short temper?

Definition of short temper

: a tendency to become angry easily.