When can I renew my Georgia real estate license?

Georgia real estate licenses must be renewed every four years You can renew your license online up to 120 days prior to your renewal date. You must complete at least 36 hours of approved continuing education courses. The Georgia Real Estate Commission does NOT allow a grace period. There is a $125 renewal fee.

How do I renew my Georgia real estate license?

There is a Mail-in Renewal Form, but the Georgia Real Estate Commission also gives you the option to renew online up to 120 days prior to your renewal date.

You need to submit three things:

  1. Proof of your course’s completion.
  2. Your “Salesperson, Associate Broker, Broker, CAM Renewal” form.
  3. Your fee (more on that below)

How often and when must a real estate license be renewed in Georgia?

Georgia licensees renew their license every four years and can do so up to 120 days (4 months) prior to the actual renewal period end date. The renewal period end date is the last day of their birthday month every four years.

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How many years is a real estate licenses valid for in Georgia?

Georgia real estate licenses must be renewed every four years.

What happens if you let your real estate license expire?

Perhaps you’ve taken a long break from real estate and your license has been expired for more than two years. If this is the case, your license is null and void and you will likely need to start from the beginning if you wish to become licensed again unless otherwise instructed by the Department of Real Estate.

How long does real estate license last?

A. – The term of a real estate license is four years.

How long do real estate agents need to keep files in Georgia?

Copies of sales contracts, brokerage engagements, closing statements, leases, and other documents related to a real estate transaction required by law to be maintained in a broker’s file for three years shall be made available to authorized agents of the Commission upon reasonable request and at a reasonable cost to …

How many times can you retake the Georgia real estate exam?

The passing score for one section of an examination is valid for two retakes of the failed section or six months, whichever comes first. Candidates who fail the first attempt at the examination may retake it as soon as they want (however you cannot schedule until the day after you took the examination).

How many hours of continuing education are required for license renewal?

In order to renew your license on active status, you must complete eight (8) hours of continuing education (CE) during each July 1 to June 10 license period.

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How much does a realtor make in GA?

The average salary for a real estate agent in Georgia is around $44,500 per year.

What is the best online real estate school in Georgia?

Top 5 Georgia Online Real Estate Schools

  1. Real Estate Express. One of the first online real estate schools in Georgia, Real Estate Express offers plenty of benefits. …
  2. Aceable Agent. Another excellent option for an online real estate school in Georgia is Aceable Agent. …
  3. RealEstateU. …
  4. The CE Shop. …
  5. Kaplan.

What is the pass rate for the Georgia real estate exam?

Aceable’s real estate exam pass rate in Georgia is an impressive 87%. As we gather more data and have more students take the exam we anticipate the pass rate to keep trending upward. Meet the education requirements the convenient way with our online Georgia real estate course.