Your question: Can a Realtor tell you what to offer?

While real estate agents can guide a buyer to choose the right number, don’t expect a buyer’s agent to name your precise price. … Here are a few reasons many agents will refuse to tell you how much you should offer on a home: The offer was too low.

Can Realtors tell you what to offer on a house?

Can you legally disclose offers? … Legally, agents in NSW are allowed to disclose current offers to any other potential buyers. Agents are required to inform the seller of all offers made to purchase the property, but there is no law to prohibit the disclosure of offers to potential buyers.

Can I ask my realtor what to offer?

Your real estate agent will know what you should offer to secure your future house. In a buyer’s market, you can offer lower than the asking price. You’ll still have a good chance of getting the house. On the other hand, in a seller’s market, you’ll need to offer at or above the asking price.

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Can a Realtor tell me other offers?

A: With your written permission, the Realtor should be able to tell each purchaser about the other offer. Your Realtor is to be obedient as long as it is within the scope of the law.

Do estate agents have to tell you about offers?

An estate agent is legally obliged to tell you every offer that is made in writing unless you have asked them not to. For example, you might not want to hear about offers under a certain amount.

Can you withdraw an offer on a house before it is accepted?

An offer to purchase a property can be rescinded or withdrawn at any time before it is accepted. For a rescission to be effective it must be given as a notice in writing and received by the other party. … Rescission of an offer is not effective until it is delivered to the other party.

Is my Realtor lying?

Another common lie that some real estate agents will tell sellers is their production levels. … If you’re unsure whether an agent is lying to you about their production, a simple phone call to their broker to find out their track record will usually uncover whether they’re lying or not about their sales history.

What is the most common reason a home fails to sell?

The most common reason a property fails to sell is an unreasonable asking price by the seller. An asking price that’s too high is the surest way to increase your days on market and have a “non-starter” listing that buyers simply ignore.

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When you put an offer on a house what happens next?

“If your offer is accepted, the sale process begins, a deposit is made within three days, and inspections and appraisal are typically completed within 17 days,” says broker Brandon Brown. “Loan approval is then completed before 21 days, with the closing of the property happening around day 30.”

What happens after you make an offer on a home?

After you’ve made an offer to buy a house, the seller will either accept your offer, make a counteroffer with one or more changes, or reject the offer outright.

Can I outbid an accepted offer?

If the purchase contract hasn’t been signed, the seller could accept another offer, even if you think they’ve accepted yours. The seller generally cannot cancel your contract if you are in compliance simply because the seller received a better offer from another buyer.

How do you win multiple offer situations?

How to Handle Multiple Offers on a House and Win

  1. Get pre-approved. …
  2. Offer more money. …
  3. Have as few contingencies as possible. …
  4. Work with the seller. …
  5. Create a personal connection. …
  6. Steer clear of the bidding war. …
  7. Negotiate an appraisal gap. …
  8. Secure a backup position.

Can selling agents lie about other offers?

Yes, they can lie. Realtors—a subset of real estate agents—are forbidden by their Code of Ethics from lying, though some do. Not many, but some. Usually, though, it’s not an outright lie.

Can you ask what offers have been made on a house?

You have no legal right to know anything about other offers, only what they choose to tell you. They have every right not to prove what they tell you about other offers. It’s basically up to you wether you believe them or not.

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Can an estate agent refuse a viewing?

Estate agents aren’t allowed to discriminate against you for a number of reasons. For example, they can’t refuse to show you a certain property because the owner doesn’t want to sell to people of a certain religion or belief. If an estate agent discriminates against you, you can complain to the estate agent’s company.

Can you find out how many offers are on a house?

1. Ask the Listing Broker. That’s right! If you want to know about multiple offers, go straight to the horse’s mouth and see if you can get some indication.